Ashtons (Sheffield) Ltd designs packaging for Make UK Award Winners Gripple


When Gripple approached our sister company Ashtons (Sheffield) for their help, they knew they wanted a blister which would highlight their product and compliment their initial artwork design and idea.  It would also need to allow the packaging to display the product similarly to its intended use.

By using the experience and knowledge of the team at Ashtons a slide blister was recommended, as this would meet all the customer’s needs, while still allowing the product to remain prominent and protected.

Working closely with Gripple, the Ashtons team then designed and created 3D drawings of packaging designs which were manufactured into prototypes using resin tools. 

To ensure the highest quality product, each prototype was tested with the the GP Fix, making alterations where required until Gripple were confident that the design complimented the backing card. 

During the process of prototyping, Gripple made the decision to bring their product launch forward. This presented the Ashtons team with an added challenge of ensuring they could meet their delivery expectations and so they worked with Gripple, ensuring all prototypes were approved in a timely manner, thereby allowing production to move forwards. In doing this the the bulk of the order was completed (from initial enquiry to first delivery) in only 3 months. 

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