Hutchinson and Ashton Aerospace & Defence Announce New Distribution Partnership


We are pleased to announce that our sister company Ashton Aerospace & Defence Ltd have been appointed as a new distributor in the United Kingdom for Hutchinson, the global specialist in precision sealing systems.

The strategic agreement, which took effect on 1st March 2024 provides the customers of Ashton Aerospace & Defence with full access to the Hutchinson O-Rings and Bonded Seals range.

Ashton Aerospace & Defence has its own team of experienced engineers and a reputation as a solutions provider. Access to the Hutchinson range of products and the Hutchinson knowledge will further enhance the ability to provide expert technical advice and support.

Hélène Leroyer, the Distribution Manager for Hutchinson O-Rings & Bonded Seals, commented “We are delighted to appoint Ashton Aerospace & Defence Ltd as a distributor partner in the United Kingdom. They already have an excellent reputation for providing dedicated customer support and service. Through this agreement they will be able to respond more easily and efficiently to customer requests and allow Hutchinson a greater presence in the aerospace and defence industry in the UK.”

Zoe Fearnley, Managing Director of Ashton Aerospace & Defence added “We look forward to an exciting future and partnership, providing our customers with the highest quality and most innovative products in the Aerospace & Defence marketplace.

“Since Ashton Aerospace & Defence was launched early in 2023 we have had tremendous support from Hutchinson. Making use of their knowledge to support our customers in a range of Aerospace applications, including hydraulics, fluid and fuel lines and braking and landing systems. Having access to the knowledgeable team at Hutchinson also means we can provide bespoke material based on customer specific applications and so further enhancing the level of solutions we can provide to our customers.”

The Hutchinson range of Aerospace solutions includes but is not limited to O-Rings, Bonded Seals, Shaft Seals, Plate Seals, Special Seals, Magnet Rings, Wing and body Access Panels and Custom Moulded Rubber Parts.

Ashton Aerospace & Defence Ltd is one of four companies within Thomas A. Ashton Ltd, founded in 1866 and trading as The Ashton Group.