Signed and Sealed


What would you do if the sign on the front of your building is badly damaged by harsh wind and rain? When it happened at Ashtons, the team leapt into action to create a replacement.

First, we tracked down the exact font used (which proved to be a task in itself, as ‚Äčthe original sign had broken into pieces!)

Next, a CAD drawing was created with the font at size 525 to mimic the size of the sign.

Finally, our gasket department set to work to cut the sign from an acrylic material, making use of our 1600mm x 4100mm gasket cutting table. The process used a used a 10mm “up cut” (moved waste upwards) drill bit to cut out the shapes, which were cut in two passes. This allowed the bulk of the material to be removed on the first pass, then the second pass is what completed the cut at a slower speed. This ensured a good finish and prevented the material from moving as the last part of each letter was cut.

The new sign was installed at the front of the Ashtons building.

The old Ashton Group Sign


In with the new!