Parker Prädifa Webinar


Through our distribution agreement with Parker Prädifa we are delighted to be able to offer our customers access to a series of webinars.  The next webinar “Tailored Sealing Systems for Hydraulic Cylinders in Construction Machinery and Forklift Trucks” will be held on October 20th.

Hydraulic cylinders are the drive element of choice whenever high forces are needed to perform linear movements with utmost uniformity and precision. The related requirements are as diverse as the fields of application. For earth moving and construction machinery, extreme robustness in long-stroke and high-pressure operations as well as 24/7 service are required. By contrast, low friction at low pressures and particularly effective sealing performance are key criteria to be met by sealing systems for forklift trucks used primarily in indoor environments in a wide variety of temperature ranges.

During the webinar you will learn how Parker Prädifa effectively covers these diverse requirements with tailored solutions in the form of rod, piston and static sealing systems using suitable materials.

Please find the link to register for the webinar here