PFAS Developments Update

As an Independent Distributor we work with manufacturers on elastomer design with the chemicals that are available to us.

Here is what some of the leading chemical manufacturers say about what they are doing in relation to possible restrictions on the chemicals used in the sealing industries products.


Presently, the company’s use of PFAS is limited. We have systems, processes and protocols in place ensuring that PFAS is used safely, controlled to the highest standards and minimized. Additionally, where PFAS is used, we are actively working with our customers and academia to pursue alternatives where feasible. 


We take the subject of PFAS very seriously, and health and safety are Solvay’s top priorities. We are firmly committed to a more sustainable future and are continuing to invest in Research and Innovation to develop more sustainable alternatives to our products, where possible.

The current restriction proposal on PFAS is much wider and may restrict some applications that are critical to society with a huge impact on many downstream products we use in our daily lives and that are critical for the future development of a sustainable society.

For example, fluoropolymers should not be targeted as they are chemically inert, critical to the functioning of modern society and key to innovation. Their use is generating significant benefits along the value chain, making them critical in numerous technologies, industrial processes, and everyday products. 

In addition to the manufacturers, here is what the ESA (European Sealing Association) say:

In our industry sector, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are essential in many applications, and the damage that would be caused to the environment by not using them would be unthinkable. There are very few alternatives that offer the same properties, and if they existed, they would be utilised.

If you are concerned these restrictions will impact your industry and application and would like to discuss alternative materials for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01226 273700.