Tools Kits

We provide a number of Tools Kits for the installation and disassembly of seals.

SEAL TOOL SET contains tools for installation, disassembly and measuring of seals.

SEAL TWISTOR helps to reduce the chance of damage during installation.  It turns the seal in to an omega shape so as to make the size of the seals smaller than the gland diameter.  Four different sizes in a set:

S (0.7” - 1.187” 22-30mm) M (0.187” - 2” 30-50mm)
L (2” - 2.75” 50-70mm) XL (2.75” - 6.5” 70-165mm)

This SEAL HOOK KIT is for the proper removal of seals.  Eight different hook heads to use depending on the seal profile.

To learn more about the range of Tools Kits available from Ashton Seals please contact our sales team on 01226 273700 or