Diagram showing single and twin lip seals

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Ashton Seals are proud to have been a supplier for over twenty years of specialised VR Radial Lip Seals​ through our partner company, VR Dichtungen in Germany.

The design of the VR Radial Lip Seal is quite different from the standard oil seal as it operates without a spring. The membranes are not vulcanised to the metal supports. This enables the sealing membrane to move flexibly and at the same time the metal supports can be sized in such a way that the sealing lip is supported optimally which results in an excellent sealing.

By supporting the sealing membrane optimally, it is also possible to withstand high pressures.

Most chemicals can be sealed, as there are in total more than ten different elastomers available. Several elastomers are manufactured according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and are used in machines for the food industry.

The VR lip seal can be used at any rotational shaft within its technical properties. In almost every industrial range and in all kinds of machinery VR lip seals are already mounted. From underwater up to spacecraft, from mixers to pumps and from cars to planes.