The Ashton Seals Grease Gun Advantage:

TWIN-LOCK® system

The UMETA Twin-Lock® System safeguards the precision​-made piston in conjunction with two special seals against abrasion in continuous operation. Due to the position of the seals it prevents dummy lubrication and the escape of grease at the piston. The seals vary according to pressure. Therefore the sealing effect adapts to the corresponding working pressure.

Grease flowing through a grease gun without the twin-lock system Grease stopped flowig through a grease gun by the UMETA Twin-lock UMETA offer a 4 year guarantee on the function of all twin lock grease guns
Without UMETA Twin-Lock® System With UMETA Twin-Lock® System *Subject to guarantee terms and
conditions which ​are available on request
  • Available to DIN 1283
  • Delivery approx.2cm/0.06 oz. Per stroke
  • Test pressure 800bar/11,600 PSI
  • Connector thread G1/8”

Model 70: TWIN-LOCK® grease gun with shatter and corrosion proof polyamide body
Model 75: TWIN-LOCK® grease gun with high grade zinc plated steel body
Model 85: TWIN-LOCK® one handed grease gun with high grade zinc plated steel body

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70 PK 500ccm/16oz 400g-450ccm/14oz 1000g/2.2lbs
75 PK 500ccm/16oz 400g-450ccm/14oz 1250g/2.75lbs
75 LL 1000ccm/32oz - 1670g/3.7lbs
75 PKU 500ccm/16oz 400g-450ccm/14oz 1250g/2.75lbs
85 PK 500ccm/16oz 400g-450ccm/14oz 1250g/2.75lbs

* All Grease Guns are available in either a plain white box or plastic sleeve.

We also supply the EcoLube Grease Gun, which can accommodate a 400g grease cartridge, a delivery capacity of 1,4 ccm/stroke and net weight of 1.200g and a gross weight of 1.215g. For further information please contact our sales team.

A blue Ecolube Grease Gun

Push Oil Guns

43/S 110/3.5 100/1450
43/H 110/3.5 100/1450

Push ​Grease Guns

30 60/1.9 100/1450
30/S 60/1.9 100/1450
30/H 60/1.9 100/1450
30/NS 60/1.9 100/1450
34 150/4.8 100/1450
34/S 150/4.8 100/1450
34/H 150/4.8 100/1450
36 300/9.6 200/2900
36/S 300/9.6 200/2900
36/H 300/9.6 200/2900

Telescopic Grease Guns

40 70/2.2 100/1450
40/S 70/2.2 100/1450
40/H 70/2.2 100/1450
42 110/3.5 100/1450
42/S 110/3.5 100/1450
42/H 110/3.5 100/1450
44 180/5.8 100/1450
44/S 180/5.8 100/1450
44/H 180/5.8 100/1450

UMETA Twin-Lock® Ultra Case Kit

UMETA Twin-Lock® Ultra Case Kit

The carrying case contains everything you need for lubricating all types of Grease Nipples. The carrying case kit comes with the practical UMETA hose parking unit. The Grease Gun can be hung up on the wall by the provided wall bracket and is therefore always at hand.

Accessories Kit consists of:

  • Hydraulic Hose 340/GLN
  • Nozzle Tube 110/G
  • Hydraulic Coupling 515/G-4
  • Quick Adapter, short version 200/M4, 200/M1, 200/M22, 200/S, 200/XS,
  • Grease Nipple Assortment 60s, each 5 pcs. H1/H2/H3 6 x 1, 8 x 1, 10 x 1, R 1/8
  • Grease Cartridge 400g (14.0 oz.)
  • Hose Parking Unit
  • Wall Bracket