A selection of Bonded Seals in different sizes

Often used as bolt seals in hydraulic equipment, today bonded seals (commonly known as Dowty Seals or Dowty Washers) are finding usage in many and varied applications throughout industry.

A bonded seal consists of a metal outside ring and an inner ring of rubber elastomer that acts as a gasket to provide a sealing action. This same basic concept can also be used to produce customised shapes for specific applications in any of the combinations of rubber to metal or plastic bonding.

All size ranges and material combinations are available from Ashton Seals. For more information on specifications and compatibility, you can access our Bonded Seals PDF Brochure through our Literature Section.

We can also supply Bonded Seal Kits in imperial and metric sizes or bespoke kits to suit customer requirements. 

Animation showing the difference between self-centralising and non-self centralising bonded sealsBonded Seals are available with or without the Self Centralising lip. The lip is there to:

  • Eliminate Seal Offset
  • Eliminate Leaks
  • Ease of Installation
  • Reduce Assembly Time
  • Captive Assembly

For more information or to discuss your Bonded Seals requirements please contact our Technical Department via email or call 01226 273700.