SnapStar is the new super coupler for standard hydraulic grease nipples from UMETA.  Designed to make applying the grease coupling to the lubrication point easier than ever it is now possible to avoid getting any grease on to your hands.  

With high pressures involved in the lubrication process safety is critical and so the user and the equipment must both be protected.  SnapStar achieves this with a bomb-proof fit, tested tightness up to 1,000 bar and foolproof operation.

The Snapstar Advantage 

  • 4-jaw snap lock, easy to release
  • holds firmly and securely
  • fits on all hydraulic grease nipples
  • saves grease, time and money
  • 4 year functional warranty
  • tested: tight up to 1,000 bar
  • durable industrial quality
  • connection thread M 10x1 or G 1/8 
  • available with valve for pressure relief
  • small diameter - can be used in confined spaces